Off the West coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, São Vicente is located within the archipelago of Cape Verde Islands.

The sun rises above the mountain ranges on São Vicente, triggering the sensation that a new day is just beginning.

Sunrise over Cape Verde

The harbor city of Mindelo acts as the cultural capital and hub of activity in São Vicente. Mindelo is home to the majority of the island nation’s inhabitants.

Shopping at the Mercado de Peixe

Within the heart of Mindelo, the local beaches serve as a launching point for fisherman, who make their living by selling their catch at the Mercado de Peixe (fish market).

Local fishermen gathering their catch
Harbor of Mindelo

The appearance of the island is defined by the Monte Verde Peak.

Despite being surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, São Vicente is quite arid as depicted by the sand dunes adding to the island’s interesting topography.

Portuguese influence can be seen at the Torre de Belém, a museum whose architecture replicates the Belém Tower in Lisbon.

Torre de Belém

If you would like to view more of my pictures from Cape Verde, please click here to visit my photo site.

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