Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

During the last hundred years or so, Dar es Salaam has become a thriving metropolis, and second-busiest port in Tanzania. One cannot help but notice the contrast between urban development within the City itself and the age-old East African culture still practiced in the out-skirting rural communities.  The Makumbusho Village Museum is a unique museum where one can learn about the cultures of the many ethnic groups of Tanzania. This open-air museum displays a number of furnished houses from tribes across Tanzania, offering visitors a depiction of life throughout this fascinating country.  On this particular day, I experienced traditional dance and music performance.  The purpose of the performance is to further enhance the visitors experience, and I can say that it did not disappoint.


The thriving metropolis is just a short distance from the area harbor area where fishermen still bring in the day’s catch.

Local markets are crowded, aromatic and exciting, filled with fruits, fish and handicrafts. Especially interesting, is a form of art known as Tinga Tinga. This unique artwork is recognized by its vibrant contrasting colors, and makes it interesting wall art.


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