Jaszczurówka Chapel, Zakopane, Poland

The Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Jaszczurówka Chapel) is a Roman Catholic Church built in Zakopane Style between 1904 and 1907. The building was erected by “goral” carpenters under the supervision of Aurelian Blocha, who is said to the be the designer of the church’s main altars. The Goral people are an ethnic group primarily found in Southern Poland and Northern Slovakia.

Zakopane is an easy day trip from Krakow, Poland and is well worth the visit. A small town, Zakopane has a population of probably less than 30,000. It is located in extreme Southern Poland, in the foothills of the Tatra Mountains.

Zakopane is a popular destination for skiing in the winter months and summer time brings tourists who enjoy the outdoors and Goral cultural specialties like Oscypek, a smoked cheese made of salted sheep milk. The cheese is still made entirely by hand using wooden tools, and is exclusive to this region in Poland.


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