The Sights and Tastes of Bologna, Italy

Some might consider Bologna the epicurean capital of Northern Italy. I may have to agree after my food tour there. Where else can one find exceptional tortellini topped with, of course, Bolognese sauce!

Because of its cultural significance, I am including a few pictures of Bologna’s sights and landmarks; but food is the focal point of today’s blog. On my way to my pasta making workshop and scrumptious lunch at a celebrated restaurant, Cantina Bentivoglio, I strolled the green market brimming with local produce. The specialty food stores in Bologna offer an array of Modena Balsamic vinegar, Parma ham, and of course, tortellini and giant rounds of Parmesan cheese. I found that a food tour was a wonderful distraction from traditional sightseeing.

First, the sights:


And now, the tastes:



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