Follow my journey from Hong Kong to Miami during a 70-day cruise on the Oceania Insignia.  Today’s adventure took us to Mount Kinabalu Park to hike the Silau Silau Nature trail.  Located in Borneo (Malaysia), Mount Kinabalu is one of the highest peaks in Southeast Asia, towering more than 13,000 feet above the tropical jungle below.  The park was selected as Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, for its importance as a biological center.


DSCN6966DSCN6955DSCN6959During the 2-hour drive to the park through the Crocker Mountain Range, we stopped at a roadside marketplace for a chance to interact with the local Dusun people.

DSCN6983DSCN6982The Silau Silau Nature Trail is one of the easiest and most beautiful in the park.  The mountain has four vegetation zones and is home to diverse plant material; including over 1200 species of orchids, a variety of rhododendrons and nine species of carnivorous nepenthes plants.

DSCN7002DSCN6992DSCN7024After our hike, we had the opportunity to leisurely stroll through the botanical garden and explore the extraordinary collection of native plants.




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