White Lions in South Africa

This Traveling Gal has had an opportunity to visit many far away places, but none can quite possibly compare to my time spent in Africa. On this particular day, I visited the Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve, located not far from East London in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. During this particular game drive, I viewed quite a few cats within a pride of white lions. This reserve’s lions include a breeding pride. The owners of the reserve currently keep the breeding pride enclosed in 90 hectare protected area in hopes that the lions sufficiently breed to help cover the impact that game hunters have had on the species.

2 thoughts on “White Lions in South Africa

  1. What a great story! How can game hunters shoot lions, tigers and bears!? It just makes no sense to me. Shoot a photograph with a camera instead of a gun with a bullet. Will enjoy following your blog.


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